Calzados Puche is born form the effort and overcoming of his founder Francisco Puche. At the age of 6 he had to leave school in order to start working and help his family. Over the years, he gained experience in the footwear industry as a clicker. He worked for a very important company of the shoe industry until its definite closing when Francisco, aged 30, changed from being a clicker to become a shoe salesperson and, after years of travelling and selling, he started to sell his own products in 1978.

After many years of efforts and struggles, in 1979 Francisco founded Calzados Puche with the aim of offering quality, in-house production footwear. From that moment on, his constant work and passion for footwear have always been a sign of the company, which has allowed him to reach the top of Elche’s footwear. At that moment of growth of Puche, Francisco decided to cover a different sector and Puche started to manufacture slippers named Andinas, a range of slippers designed to provide the greatest comfort at home.

Francisco has worked over twenty years hand in hand with his son, Antonio, who has learnt since he was a child the values and the affection that his father showed to his job. Both have always struggled and worked hard with perseverance and passion so that Calzados Puche becomes a reference in the shoe industry.

Five years ago, the generational transfer took place and Francisco left his position to his son Antonio Puche, who manages the company with great effectiveness thanks to his knowledge and foresight. In that moment, an important structural change as well as a greater specialisation and professionalization of the executive team occurred.

Calzados Puche is a company that adapts to nowadays changes and keeps modifying and upgrading its products without forgetting its values and origins.


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